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Everything about the camping places of the world. Including travel guides. Try these ideas, or use them as a starting point to invent your own camping location to travel.

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity. The participants (known as campers) leave urban zones, their home region, or civilization¬† and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of a tent, caravan, motorhome, cabin, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all. In many parts of the world, ‘camping’ refers exclusively to the use of tents or similar portable structures.

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Camping as a recreational activity became popular in the early 20th century. Campers frequent national or state parks, other publicly owned natural areas, and privately owned campgrounds. Camping is a key part of the program of many youth organizations around the world, such as scouting. It is used to teach self-reliance and team work.

Camping is also used as a inexpensive form of accommodation for people attending large open air events such as sporting meetings and music festivals. Organizers often provide a field and other basic amenities.

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