Unique Islands

Unique Islands

Information, photos and references for the unique, unusual, weird, bizarre, artificial, dangerous and strange islands.


Spitsbergen island, Norway

This is the largest of the islands in the Svalbard archipelago which you can find north of Norway (under whose flag it belongs). Although the island is 39 000km2 it only has a population of around 3 000. There are no roads on the island, so settlements are connected by air, boat and snowmobile. It’s summer high is 6 degrees Celsius, which is why its main attraction is polar bears, although marine life is also plentiful, including whales.

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The World Resort, Dubai

Srilanka, Dubai, The World islands. The proposal for “The World” islands in Dubai suggests a hotel resort under a unifying spiral canopy roof. The heart of the design is the central future dome sphere. The roof spins around this sphere and creates spiral wings fading into the ground. These wings contain hotel rooms with private balconies and beaches and create perfect views to the surrounding ocean.

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Dumunpalit island

Dumunpalit Island is located in Northern Palawan province, 45 km north of Port Carlton. Access: 5-6 hours by banca around Busuanga Island. Dive the SW side of the island. Dumunpalit Island is also named turtle island, because of its shape (see aerial picture)! It is an increadible island, with the reef around it now protected by a Marine Protection Zone.

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maldives, ocean fkowers island


Vatu Vara in Fiji


Sri Lanka island

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