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Hidden Paradise.

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10 Hidden Paradises In Philippines

lake-sebu-south cotabato

lake sebu



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Ghost Places & Islands

Philippines hidden paradises – El Nido’s ten best beaches

Marimegmeg Beach


By Flipnomad for Yahoo! Travel
The Philippines is often skipped by tourists travelling around Southeast Asia due to its awkward geographic location. One has to take a flight to enter the country in comparison to an overland option that you have when you go from one country to another in mainland Southeast Asia. And because the country is receiving lesser tourists than its neighbours, the islands remained pristine, almost untouched and almost paradise-like. One of those paradises that I was lucky to have had visited in the past is El Nido.
El Nido is one of the country’s most gorgeous beach paradises that can be found in Palawan, which is often referred to as the last frontier of the Philippines.
There’s a variety of options when it comes to travelling to El Nido. The most popular and cost effective option would be to fly to Puerto Princesa  and take a five to six- hour bus trip up to El Nido. Check out my blog post on How to Go to El Nido  for a more detailed information.
Once you get to El Nido town, you’ll be rewarded with a picturesque view of Bacuit Bay. And to see more of paradise-like beaches, you have to take a boat to these islands which I think are probably some of the best beaches in the whole world.


Finding hidden paradises in Brazil

Pousada Bromelias, Paraty, Rio de Janeiro


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Artificial Paradise: Tropical Islands Resort, Germany, Europe


The Tropical Islands Resort, an artificial paradise in the middle of Germany of all places. The numbers alone astound. Housed under an enormous dome originally commissioned for cargo lifters, the roof stands 350 feet tall and encloses 194 million cubic feet of space. The waterpark is 710,000 square feet; the pool can accommodate up to 8,000 visitors a day. (Hopefully nobody pees in the water.) There are restaurants, shopping, tanning, stage entertainment, daycare facilities, bars and overnight camping on Paradise beach. Admission is 18.50 Euro on weekdays, and 23.50 Euro on weekends. The resort is open around the clock, all year round. Read more: http://traveltop.org

Federation Island – Russia


Federation Island, the latest manifestation of Russia’s oilboom era ambitions, is to start rising next spring from the waters of the Black Sea, 150 yards off the coast of Sochi. From Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, this landscaped version of the Russian Federation is Russia’s response to Dubai’s Palm Islands.No miniature golf course, this 815 acre version of Russia is to stretch 1.5 miles and cost $10 billion. Inside a breakwater crescent, an artificial archipelago is to contain a convention center, two marinas, and myriad hotels, villas, and apartments. By completion in 2020, Federation Island is to draw 100,000 people a day — tourists, residents, and workers.“This island is about being outdoors, outdoor sports, a recreation area,” Erick van Egeraat, the architect, said in an interview in Moscow, poring over designs that showed sailboats and yachts plying the waters in this planned playground near Sochi, one of European Russia’s southernmost cities. In an echo of Miami, houses are to be built on narrow lots, with 10 to 15 meters of water frontage. In a liberal interpretation of geography, Russia’s “rivers” are to slice Federation Island from north to south, providing nearly 45 miles of water frontage to an archipelago with a total land surface area of only 1.25 square miles.“My island is a toy version of the real one,” Egeraat said of his Russia made of palm trees, sand dunes, and ‘mountains’ built over hidden parking garages. Avoiding an exact replica, the architect said his toy Russia will be more “fun” than “an exact copy.”During Soviet times, the Black Sea was largely a Russian playground. By contrast, Russians today have free access to only 300 miles of Russian Black Sea coastline, between Anapa and Sochi. The buildable land is squeezed into a narrow strip between the Black Sea and the mountains of Sochi National Park. After Sochi won the 2014 Winter Olympics last year, real estate prices soared to Moscow levels.
Read More  http://www.passportmagazine.ru/article/1263/

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